The Contingent will be travelling by air from major regional airports across Western Australia to Adelaide Airport, and then by coach to the Jamboree site. Flights from Perth airport depart on 3 January 2019, and return on 14 January 2019.

Please note that these flights are subject to airline changes.

Regional Contingent members (those located in Albany, Esperance, Geraldton, Karratha, and Newman) may be required to depart on 2 January and may not return home until 15 January 2019. Our Transport Team is working to finalise these arrangements – they will be in touch directly with arrangements for your travel.

To Adelaide – 3 January 2019

Flight number Depart Perth Arrive Adelaide Jamboree Troops
VA9000 5.30am 10.50am B437, C330, D319, D424
QF590 6.30am 11.50am A542
VA714 7.00am 12.20pm A434, B219, B221
VA9002 9.30am 2.50pm A321, A430, B324, D432
QF592 10.50am 4.10pm C322, C772, D540

To Perth – 14 January 2019

Flight number Depart Adelaide Arrive Perth Jamboree Troops
VA717 1.30pm 2.25pm A434, A542, B437, C772
QF585 2.05pm 2.55pm B219, D540
JQ974 3.10pm 4.05pm A430, B221, B324
QF595 5.20pm 6.10pm C322, D432
VA9001 8.25pm 9.20pm A321, C330, D319, D424