AJ2019 is the next Australian Jamboree, to be held at The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend, South Australia in January 2019. It is to be expected that amongst the youth members planning to attend, a number will have family financial circumstances that makes attendance difficult or not possible without financial assistance.

The Lord Baden-Powell Society has provided Scouts WA funding of $10,000 for the purpose of supporting Jamboree attendance of Scouts who are experiencing financial difficulties. This page provides guidance on the procedure for the allocation of available funding to those most in need and for whom most benefit can be expected.

A requirement of acceptance of the Lord Baden-Powell Society grant is for each successful youth member to supply a report to the LBPS (min 200 words, photos welcome) of their Jamboree experience and how this was assisted by the financial support.

Note this financial assistance is only available for eligible Scouts. Seperate financial assistance is available for Venturers, Rovers and Leaders – click here for the details.

Parents or Guardians must make an application for Financial Support using the approved forms. If approved, the financial support will be in the form of a $500 reduction to the Scouts’ Jamboree fee. Your payment schedule will be updated on status page of the Online Application System.

Please note that all Western Australia Contingent members must have paid their Jamboree fees, in full, by the due date of the final payment (30 September 2018) or they will not be able to attend, unless alternate arrangements have been made with the Contingent Leader.

Group Leaders may be contacted separately and requested to provide further information if necessary to help us assess your request.


The criteria for financial support for AJ2019 will be as follows:

  • Financial support will be in the form of a $500 reduction to the Scouts’ Jamboree fee. If successful, your payment schedule reflecting the reduced amount will be updated on status page of the Online Application System.
  • Financial support will only be considered where a formal written request has been submitted.
  • Funds will not be supplied to the family of the recipient – the fee for the recipient will be reduced by the amount of financial support.
  • Financial support will be provided for Jamboree and Contingent fee elements only.
  • Financial support will be provided only to Scouts who meet the following eligibility conditions:
    • be a registered Scout section member;
    • be an active Scout section member;
    • meet Jamboree eligibility requirements, (e.g. registered member of the Scout section, Pioneer Badge, ten nights camping with three consecutive nights, approval of Scout Leader and Group Leader);
    • the Scout or their parent/guardian must be a Health Care Card holder or must be able to supply documentation to justify their request for assistance.
    • the first two Jamboree payments must have been made. If a Scout submits a request for financial support that is unsuccessful, and subsequently wishes to withdraw from the Jamboree, a full refund will be made available.


Scouts and their families wishing to apply for financial support should follow this procedure:

  1. Complete the Request for Financial Support form (Appendix 1).
  2. Obtain a letter of support from the Scout’s Group Leader or Scout Leader. The letter of support should describe how Jamboree attendance would benefit the individual youth member and help to meet their individual Scouting needs. The letter should outline how long the youth member has been involved in Scouting, their level of commitment, and any relevant events participations or achievements.
  3. The Scout should write a letter describing why they would like to attend the Jamboree, and the skills development they expect to experience at the Jamboree. The letter should be written by the Scout without any adult assistance.
  4. Email your completed Request for Financial Support form, Letters of Support, and a scanned copy of your Health Care Card or any other documentation which might support your application to Tom Dowsley, Contingent Leader via email at cl.aj2019@scoutswa.com.au by 31 May 2018.
  5. Receipt of requests will be acknowledged by reply email within three days of submission.

You will be notified by email whether your request is successful or unsuccessful by the end of June 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my request for financial support is successful, how much funding will I receive?

All financial support will be in the form of a $500 reduction to your Jamboree fee. If your request is successful, your total payable Jamboree fee will be $1,950.

Do I have to submit an online application to attend the Jamboree before I can request financial support?

Yes, you must submit an online application and make the first two Jamboree payments before your request for financial support will be considered. You can submit an online application here.

If I submit a request for financial support that is unsuccessful, will I be eligible for a full refund if the application if withdrawn?

Yes. Please note that you must make the first two payments ($500 each) in order for your request for financial support to be considered.

When do requests for financial support close?

Requests for financial support close on 31 May 2018. Requests should be emailed to cl.aj2019@scoutswa.com.au.

When will we be advised if our request for financial support has been successful?

You will be notified by email whether your request is successful or unsuccessful by the end of June 2018.

Who will assess requests for financial support?

The Contingent Leader, in consultation with the Chief Commissioner, will assess requests for financial support in line with the procedures outlined in this document.

Will financial support be available to Venturers, Rovers and adult members?

Yes, financial support is available for Venturers, Rovers and Leaders wishing to attend AJ2019. Check out the details here.

What are the eligibility requirements for Jamboree attendance?

In order to attend the Jamboree as a Scout, youth members must:
– be a registered Scout Section member at the time of application and through till 16 January 2019
– must have met the requirements, before October 2018, for the Pioneer Badge
– have completed ten (10) nights under canvas as a Scout, at a Scout camp, with three (3) of those nights being consecutive. Camping with family or at schools etc. will not be considered.
– have approval from their Scout Leader and Group Leader
– have approval from the Contingent Leader
– have consent from their parents/guardian
– not have had their 15th birthday before the opening day of the Jamboree.

Who can I contact if I have questions about financial support?

Send an email to Tom Dowsley, Contingent Leader, at cl.aj2019@scoutswa.com.au.