You can use this passport as a reference at the Jamboree, and to keep a record of your time at AJ2019. It is designed to help you make the most of your Jamboree experience.

Make sure you record your details on the ‘Personal Stuff’ page.

Read this passport thoroughly before the Jamboree and show it to your parents so they know what you will be doing and how they can contact you.

As you read about the incredible program of activities planned for AJ2019, you will realise this will be 10 days of extreme fun – from the spectacle of the Opening Ceremony it will be non-stop action and excitement.

To make sure you last the distance, read the section on health and hygiene, get plenty of sleep, wear covered shoes, sunscreen and a hat at all times. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids every day.

After making ‘friends for life’ for ten days, join in the celebration of the Closing Ceremony as spectacular video images help you to reflect on the experiences you have enjoyed and the friends you have met, while we send our friends away with memories of a great Jamboree and a great country.

The Scout Law is the law of the camp.

A Scout is not asked to do the impossible but to do their best. That is, you have made the promise on your honour to do your best to live by the Scout Law. At the Jamboree we trust you to carry this out.


Jamboree Passport

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