The countdown is on! In just 365 days, you and other Scouts from all over Western Australia will descend on Tailem Bend Motorsport Park for the Opening Ceremony of AJ2019!

Each month until January 2019 we’ll publish this Contingent Update packed with tips to get you ready for your Jamboree adventure.

Have your mates applied?

It’s awesome that you have submitted your application for AJ2019 – congratulations on being amongst the first 200 members of our Contingent!

Now it’s time to get all your Scout mates involved. The Jamboree experience is best shared amongst friends – so make sure yours apply!

There are heaps of great videos you can share with your mates to get them excited about AJ2019.

Ten Top Tips

Our Jamboree adventure will be most successful if all our Contingent members are well prepared. There’s so many things you can do now to get ready.

We’ve put together ten top tips for Scouts and Leaders alike. Check them out here.

Deposits are now due

If you haven’t already done so, please log into the online application system and ensure your application is ‘Submitted’. This requires you to complete all sections of the form. Once your application is submitted you will be able to make payments.

A reminder that your deposit of $1,000 for Scouts or $500 for all other participants is due upon submission of your application.

To make a payment, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into the online application system
  2. Click on the ‘Status’ tab
  3. Click on the ‘Make a payment’ button
  4. Make your payment using the payment gateway.

Electronic receipts for each payment are available on the ‘Status’ tab of the online application system.

Your second payment is due on or before 28 February 2018.

Save the date: Pre-Jamboree Camp

The Western Australia Contingent Pre-Jamboree Camp will be held at Manjedal Activities Centre from 22 September to 24 September, 2018.

You’ll get the chance to meet Scouts and Leaders from your Jamboree Troop, test gear, and have some fun along the way!

The camp is compulsory for all WA Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders attending AJ2019. The cost of the camp is included in your Jamboree fee.

Tom Dowsley

Contingent Leader
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