Welcome to the official home of the Western Australian Contingent to the 25th Australian Jamboree – AJ2019!

The next Australian Jamboree will be held at Tailem Bend Motor Sport Park, hosted by South Australia from 4 January to 14 January 2019.

Attending a Jamboree is the ultimate experience for any Aussie Scout. Imagine spending 10 days enjoying the very best Scouting has to offer: awesome activities, new challenges, and endless opportunities to make friends for life.

Here’s just some of the activities you’ll get to experience at AJ2019:

  • Adelaide city adventure
  • Motor sports
  • Junkyard
  • Circus training
  • Discos
  • Flying and gliding
  • Flying fox
  • Live comedy
  • Water activities
  • Bike riding
  • Water slides
  • Slushies
  • Laser tag
  • Geocaching
  • Woodhouse Activity Centre overnight expedition
  • Market day
  • Concerts
  • Nerf wars
  • High ropes.

Keen to learn more? Jump over to the Key Information page for all the important details, and check out our FAQs for all your burning questions.

Check out the eligibility requirements to see how you can join this adventure of a lifetime.

Get in touch with your Scout Leader to see how you can start preparing for AJ2019. If you, your parents or your Scout Leader have any further questions, visit the Contact page to get in touch with the Western Australian Contingent Team.

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Imagine the best Scouting experience you’ve ever had. Now multiply that awesome experience by 1000 – that’s exactly what you’ll get at AJ2019! The Jamboree site is a small city. There is everything you could possibly need, including stages, activity zones, a marketplace, campsites, entertainment, a medical centre and a transport hub. The Jamboree even…

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Stuff Scouts Said

  • Scout, AJ2016
    I was elected Patrol Leader at AJ2016 and made many new friends, most of which I am still in contact with today. Jamboree was an experience I would refer to as an "experience of a lifetime", one of which I still talk highly of today and encourage other younger Scouts to attend if provided the opportunity.
  • Scout, AJ2016
    Our Leader, Kookaburra, was never shy to lend a helping hand. He spent hours on end digging trenches in the pouring rain to prevent flooding of our tents and personal belongings. He always put others before himself and was willing to help out anyone in any way possible.
  • Scout, AJ2016
    Snake was our first aid officer who was always willing to help someone in need. If Dingo was preoccupied, Snake was always there to lend a helping hand or just to have a nice chat and a laugh. Her bubbly and enthusiastic personality is infectious and brings a smile to everyone around her.
  • Scout, AJ2016
    Dingo was our Jamboree mum. Her kind and supporting attitude was invaluable. She was open to all scouts to talk about their problems and gave wise advice. To step up and take the role of Troop Leader at the last minute was an incredibly difficult task and we are forever grateful for everything she has done for each scout and fellow leader. No words can describe our thanks.
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